All your photos and files, right at home.

Picirus is an always-on appliance that maintains a local copy of all of your online stuff. It backs up your Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Gmail, and more...

It's like an insurance policy for your online valuables.

  • auto-sync your cloud content
  • stand-alone, no PC needed
  • unlimited accounts
  • expandable storage
  • no monthly fees

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Picirus was built on Raspberry Pi at Startup Weekend Tulsa 2012.


Bring your cloud files back down to earth. Picirus keeps a copy of your stuff at your home so you know right where everything is. Your data should only be "on loan" to the cloud.


Every day, people lose data in the cloud due to hackers and accidents. Picirus is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure you have a second copy of your precious moments.


If you get hacked, or if you're victim of a software glitch that wipes out your photos in the cloud, you should not have to start over. Recover your digital valuables quickly.